David Kaminsky

I'm a software developer who loves working on problems that make a meaningful impact on people's lives. From health care to corporate training with some lighter fare on the side I've focused on improving parts of the life that people dread so that they can be a more enjoyable (or at least less painful) experience.

In my current role I'm a software developer at Mindflash, an online training platform used by companies such as Yammer and Dyson. I'm a full stack developer working on both web and mobile apps.

I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I attended Washington University in St. Louis and received both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science. After 8 years living in the Midwest I've settled with my wife, Erica; son, Seth; and dog, Schwartz in the San Francisco bay area. In my free time I enjoy music, politics, the occasional video game, and staying active. I particularly love going to the beach and spending time outdoors with my son.

Between my job and family responsibilities it can be quite difficult to find free time to work on side projects. However, here are some of the more fleshed out ideas I've developed recently.

You can see all of my public projects and contributions on my GitHub profile.

Do Any Dogs Die?

A website for animal lovers to share reviews and opinions on movies, particularly and the amount of animal violence in them. A somewhat silly idea I used to play around with Facebook integration for user authentication as well as social interaction with Facebook comments.


iOS app to remind you to unplug your charger from its power source when your phone is unplugged from the charger.

Lederman Chocolates

E-commerce website for my wife's chocolate business when we lived in Madison, WI. It closed in 2011.

Rolling Pin Bakeshop

Basic website for a bake shop in Madison, WI.

Kaminsky Mediation

Basic e-commerce website for my father's mediation consulting company.

You can contact me through any of the following methods:

Email: oursfs@gmail.com

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